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We understand that making the first step can often be the most daunting. But if making a Will is on your mind our aim is to make it as simple as possible. We will guide you through the whole process, tell you about the areas you need to consider and make sure your wishes are executed correctly.

Where to start

A trained Will Writer from Twin Pine Wills can guide you through making your Will but you will need to make some decisions along the way.

  • Who is going to handle your affairs after you die? (called Executors)

  • If you have children, who is going to look after them until they're 18? (called Guardians)

  • Who do you want to leave your Estate to and in what proportions? (called Beneficiaries) 

  • What do you want to happen if your beneficiaries die before you?

  • Do you want to be buried or cremated?

  • Do you want to leave any gifts to charity?

Once these decisions are made, your adviser will talk you through the best way to set out your wishes in your Will. As part of the process we'll talk about:

  • the likely size of your Estate, future changes and assets.

  • your debts, such as your mortgage and loans.

  • whether you have any life assurance or pre-paid funeral plans.

  • details of any businesses you own.

We will also need the personal information of your Executors, Guardians and Beneficiaries (Full name, date of birth, address, telephone number and email address). If you're not sure who you would like to fulfil these roles you can talk it through with your adviser.

Your adviser will discuss with you the implications of your decisions and cover any other potential scenarios which a standard Will may not address, such as protecting children from unintended disinheritance. 

Once the details are finalised, you'll get a summary of all the information and content for your new Will. It's important that you check this over as this is the information that will be drafted into the Will and if it needs further alteration once drafted there could be additional costs.

You will get advice on how to make sure the Will is executed correctly including getting the signing witnessed and how to store the original - this is critical as incorrectly executed Wills are not valid.

Mirror Will

If you're Married, in a Civil Partnership or have a Partner, you may want your Wills to be a Mirrored 'copy'. For example a couple want to leave their Estates to each other on death and when both passed away leave the Estate to their children - this would likely be the same in both Wills, just mirrored.

Both parties having a Will will still need to have made decisions and have the same sort of information as above.

It's also important that both parties are given time to indicate that they are not making the Will under duress, they understand the decisions they're making and have the chance to include any other instructions privately.

As a lot of the information is 'mirrored' the cost of the two Wills works out cheaper than arranging them separately. 

Get more information

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