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About Us

We care because you care

59% of UK adults do not have a Will. This means that around 31 million people could leave their property, assets and savings to someone they have not chosen when they die. Most of these people understand the need to make a Will and have it on their 'to do list' but sadly, most never get around to it.

People don't like to think about their own mortality and this makes it a taboo subject but equally people do want to make sure that they don't leave their families and loved ones in the lurch and having to deal with complex legal issues when they pass away. If you do not make a Will the UK intestacy law may mean your legacy is passed to the wrong people or the Government itself.

At Twin Pine Wills we want to correct this and make sure that everyone has access to affordable, appropriate, well thought out Estate Planning. We use a mixture of friendly advice and technology to offer advice in your home, either over the phone, online video or in person. We will get to understand what is important to you and who you want to benefit from your Estate, give you suggestions on how best to make it happen and then draw up the paperwork for you.

The hardest step is making the first contact. So, if making a Will is on your mind, then please do it now before your busy life takes over. If you get in touch we can talk you through your options and give you an idea of price without any commitment.

If you have a quick question you can use the contact form below or email us on and we will give you a call back. 

Not happy with the service?

We are committed to providing a high quality service to all our customers. When something goes wrong, we need you to tell us about it. This will allow us to put things right for you and to help improve our service for others in the future.

We aim to handle complaints quickly, effectively and in a fair and honest way. We take all complaints seriously and use valuable information from investigating to help us improve our service. We treat all complaints in confidence.

You can complain by sending an email to us at or you can call 024 7601 7747.

A senior member of the team will initially review the complaint. We will acknowledge a complaint within 5 working days and give you the name and contact details of the person investigating it. We will keep you informed about the progress of the investigation. We aim to have all complaints completed within 28 working days unless we agree a different time scale with you.